The Worst Blog Post Ever

babymugshotsMost weekends are good around here, and this one was no exception. And I didn’t even go to Target! Nope. Not once.

But I did bring my Starbucks gold card down to a whopping $1.97, which makes me sad, considering just 38 days ago it had a balance of over $55. Which means I have to start refilling it with my own money, which isn’t quite as fun. Or frugal.

I did a little bit of selfish, fun shopping this weekend (read: NOTHING for Charlotte!), and I totally don’t regret it.

See, last week, the Husband gave me a piece of paper folded in half with a hilariously cute poem and illustrations. (I’m not sharing because it kind of annoys me when people share love letters / notes / things that are sentimental on social media. Don’t you want anything to be just between you and your dude? Neither here nor there. Moving on.) Anyway, the jist of the paper was “Here is some spending money. Spend it on yourself and be frivolous and selfish.”

Which is exactly what I did. (PS – he’s a keeper.)

I thought about filming a haul vlog on the things I bought. But then I remembered that I’m totally socially awkward and that would probably be the most awful thing to watch ever. So, I didn’t. You’re welcome.

Anyway. I purchased a new Clarisonic Mia (in a gorgeous hot pink), because my last one just up and died. (Apparently, you’re supposed to charge them often. As in more than once every 6 months. Or else, they die. Forever.) It’s not a ridiculous purchase for a lot of people, but for me, throwing down $100 on a thing that washes my face is kind of a big deal. But when your husband says, “buy whatever you want,” you buy whatever you want. And I wanted a new Clarisonic.

I also picked up several maternity shirts (because, HUGE) and lots of fun beauty products at Ulta, which I’ll refrain from listing in case you want to make it to the end of this blog.

What? You’re still here? Bless you.

This was not supposed to be a post about what I bought this weekend.

I’m really not sure what this post was supposed to be about.

Speaking of vlogging, is it weird that when I’m in my car alone, I vlog? Except I’m not filming it, so I’m actually just talking to myself about random things? Yes? I thought so.

Maybe I should do a vlog and just get the social awkwardness out there in the open. But then I’d have to put on makeup on a day that isn’t Sunday. I’ll have to think about that one.

Who have I become?!

Don’t ask my Husband. He’ll say “A Mamaw.” Don’t ask my StepKids. They’ll probably say “The Wicked Witch.”

Ask Charlotte. She still loves me.

I keep debating on deleting that because it will make a good introduction to a blog titled, “Who have I become?!” (which, obviously, I didn’t delete it, because it’s still there.).

I’m literally the worst blogger ever.

Happy Monday, y’all! How was your weekend?


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