There’s just something about Target. I don’t even know what it is, but something.

One time, when we were out of town, I told Evan I needed to run to Target to get something. Diapers, chapstick, 15 totally unnecessary things from the $1 spot, I don’t remember what it was. His response?

“Why can’t you just run to WalMart?”

You can imagine the horror on my face. Dudes don’t get it. I would gladly pay $3 more for any said item at Target than to have to go to WalMart. I only go there when I have to: groceries, total desperation, and toilet paper. Target’s Charmin Basic price is just too much higher than WalMart for me to feel good about it.

But, anyway. Target. It’s kind of like a short-term vacation. And when I get to leave baby at home with the husband? OH MAN. I’m pretty sure that’s what Heaven is going to feel like.

Which is exactly what happened yesterday.

Charlotte was down for her first nap. I had already made the bed, done the dishes, and folded a couple loads of laundry. We had two bottles of water left in the fridge, and I desperately needed a storage tote for the baby clothes literally spilling out of Charlotte’s closet.

“I’m just going to run to Target real quick,” I told Evan. “I just need these two things, and I’ll be back super fast.”

Which was totally my intention, I promise.

I put on my white-girl uniform (which is oddly similar to what I’m wearing today), leggings, boots, tee and a scarf, and headed out for my quick errand.

Of course, I had to stop by Starbucks beforehand. I never rarely go to Target without a Starbucks. It’s just a thing. Venti black ice tea, with 6 extra pumps (which Evan later looked up online, when I was crashing so hard from the sugar, and found out it’s AN ENTIRE HALF CUP OF SUGAR in one drink. I will not be doing that anymore. Oops.).


And then, I had to stop by Sally Beauty, which is conveniently located right next to Starbucks, because I really needed wanted some foot scrub to use with my new pumice stone. (This stuff is the bomb.)


Finally, I made it to Target. I grabbed a buggy – squeaky wheel NOTHANKYOU – and quickly replaced it with another.

Okay, water and a storage to…. ooh, Dollar Spot.

Three-dollar metal trash bins? This is the Dollar Spot – why is it $3? But, honestly, that’s a great price, and, well, I’ll take two. (Second one not pictured was already claimed by the husband at this point.)


Valentine’s Day stuff! Cute paper straws and adorable little notepads! Little pink and red baskets – surely I have something I can put in those, right? I really need to stock up on my baker’s twine, and this stuff is a stinkin’ dollar. A super huge felt envelope and blank books? That’s perfect to whip something up and surprise Evan with on his trip tomorrow! Done and done.


Okay, water and a stor… that’s an adorable bag. And huge! I could use that as a diaper bag for Jack. And only $35? That’s a steal. Except it’s canvas. And what if something spills in it? Then it’s ruined. Eh, I’ll think about it. *Takes a picture to remember.*

Okay, water. Done.

Well, I’m this close to the makeup. I should just make sure there’s nothing new out. Charlotte really loves lipstick. I could get her some LipSmackers to play with. (I pictured that in my head, and promptly walked away from the LipSmackers.)

Ooh, ELF! Their stuff is so cheap, yet I love it so. Hey, my foundation brush is dirty. I could clean it, OR, I could just buy this one for $1 and call it a day. Done.

And dry shampoo. I need some. What if I don’t feel like washing my hair a couple days this week, because, letsbehonest.

And razors. It pains me to spend $17 on four stupid blades, but Evan is probably tired of me using his.


Okay, storage tote. Where is that? The other side of the store? Well, I’ll just go through here and look at this stuff on the way.

Valentine’s kids plates and cups! I’ve been waiting for you!!


(Charlotte couldn’t even wait for me to take the sticker off the cup before demanding milk be poured into it for use.)

I’ll just go through the baby clothes real quick. I have all of three things for Jack already, so I really need to start buying the kid some clothes. (Except boys clothes are so not cute, and I definitely passed.)

Okay, storage tote.

*Walking down the aisles.* Laundry detergent? Nah, I think I’m good. Downy? Probably should get some. Ziplock bags? I just bought some the other day. Ooh, those boxes are really cute. I do need a place to put … something. I can find something to put in there. Toilet paper? No, thanks, Target. You suck at toilet paper prices. Ooh, storage totes.

Twenty minutes later, I picked one. Yes, just one.

Okay. Water and a storage tote. I got what I needed! Boom.

So, I walk back up to the front and get in line. I pick up a pack of Peanut Butter M&Ms to put in Evan’s surprise envelope, and start putting everything on the conveyor belt.

Water. Storage tote. Ooh, I totally forgot I picked up those heart-shaped plates. Charlotte is going to love those! (Just kidding. She doesn’t care.) And – what is this stuff? I don’t remember grabbing this?

And $65 later, I’m out the door and on my way back home.

Target-itis. Y’all. It’s a disease.

Now, if we could just get a grocery section in our Target, I’d never have to go to WalMart again!

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    1. I love anything that doesn’t require a bra. But sometimes, my trip to Target is a means to brushing my teeth for the day, so – necessary.

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