IMG_5924editI usually work on Mondays. Not by choice. When I went down to working only two and a half days a week, I opted for working Wednesday, Thursday and half a day Friday. That gave me a four-and-a-half-day weekend every single week! Pretty freakin’ sweet, if you ask me.

Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out well with my boss (also my father). So, again, I usually work Mondays.

Except yesterday, we got more snow in one day than we’ve seen in years. The roads were (and still are) totally covered, schools are closed, and it’s nine degrees outside. NINE. DEGREES.

And me? Well, I got an adult snow day!

On my normal two and a half days off every week, I pass the time with cleaning, laundry, and whatever else needs done around the house. (And, let’s be honest, a nap every so often.) I feel like I need to keep busy being productive on those days, or else everything gets out of hand in no time. How does that happen?

But here’s the thing about snow days: I don’t feel like I need to do anything! Even though yesterday will end up being one of my days off this week, I was totally fine with being lazy and unproductive.

And it was some kind of wonderful.

I woke up and made banana pancakes for me, Evan and Charlotte, because that’s what Baby Jack wanted. I washed the dinner dishes from last night, because, ew. And I started the dryer again because I didn’t feel like folding the clothes so they could fluff and un-wrinkle.

Charlotte was ready for a nap super early, which has become Evan’s forte these days. She does so much better for him, and it makes me die a little inside.

But only a little. Because while he fell asleep with her in our unmade bed (that never did get made), I snuggled with Daysie on the couch and ate Cool Ranch Doritos while I watched Sunday night’s Bachelor. For almost two hours.

Hashtag I can’t even put into words how lovely that was.

For the rest of the day (trying not to bore you to death here):

I restarted the dryer (you know, to make sure ALL the wrinkles were out).

Charlotte ate a few cucumbers for lunch before crying for yogurt.

We watched some Little Baby Bum on YouTube (don’t judge me).

Charlotte got sleepy again, and Evan put her back to bed.

I took a hot bath to get warm & watched some YouTube beauty videos.

We ordered a pizza bread and a calzone on delivery, because BLIZZARD.

Evan got Charlotte out of bed, because she never actually fell asleep.

We took about 20 minutes to get bundled up to play in the snow.





And about two minutes later, we were on our way back inside. Girlfriend hated the snow.

I can’t much say that I blame her. It was too deep for her to walk, and she kept face-planting on the ground. That’s never fun.

(Third picture is in B&W because I’m scary. I don’t apply makeup on snow days, either, if you were wondering. #NoShame)

I stripped her down as fast as I could, and gave her a super warm bath. And she splashed. A lot.


After her bath, poor girl was worn out again. (Apparently, snow days are exhausting for crazy little one year olds.) She sat with Evan and watched about 10 minutes of Finding Nemo before she had passed out.

Which was the perfect opportunity for me to take another hot bath. So, I did.

She woke up an hour-ish later, and I decided it was probably time to get out of the tub. Mainly because she was just standing there staring at me. WHATEVER, KID.

Dinner for Charlotte.

And more YouTube and laying on Baby Jack, because that’s what you do on a snow day.



(I really don’t usually let her watch that much, so you can stop judging me.)

(Actually, go ahead. I don’t care.)

Bedtime snack for Charlotte, with some Nina and Star (OK, FINE, I totally let her watch too much media yesterday), and then off to bed she went.

I contemplated restarting the dryer folding the laundry from the dryer. Totally ignored it instead.

I thought about taking another bath.

But, instead, I decided to get some Oreos and milk and cuddle under a blanket with my husband and watch some more Bachelor.

This I know for sure: adult snow days are WAY better than kid snow days. (I totally took this from you, Cara, who probably doesn’t even read my blog. But whatever.)


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