Clearly, by “I’m going to start blogging again,” I actually meant, “I’m not going to start blogging again.”

In my defense, I’ve been dealing with things like lunatic toddlers and babies projectile vomiting and shattered iPhone screens and counting carbs.

I counted, like, 389 today. Stupid Oreos.

In case you were wondering, which I’m absolutely sure you were, I do think about blogging. Every day. I write blogs in my head all the time.

Like, when I’m driving, and I have three seconds of relative quiet to think.

Or when I get home from shopping and I think, “I should do a haul blog!”

Or in between my squats at the gym when I slyly watch everyone around me. Oh. There’s some excellent blog content there, don’t you doubt it.

Unfortunately, that’s as far as it gets. Life is a little crazy right now. Good crazy. But crazy.

So, here’s a little currently update:

Planning Baby Jack’s first birthday party. I know.

Working out four to five days a week, which is an absolute life-change for me!

Losing baby weight (& more!) after far too long, and feeling so great!

Exfoliating my hands like it’s my job. Because, spray tan.

Washing 17 loads of laundry and a thousand dishes every day. Because, it is my job.

Missing the anticipation of Bachelor Mondays. Wah. It’s over.

Feeling a bit nostalgic watching Fuller House on Netflix (when I’m not asleep by 8:30).

Craving a Dunkin’ Donuts cream-filled donut. And some french fries.

Anticipating Forever 21 finally opening at our mall in a couple months.  You know. After I’m out of my twenties. (Eyeroll.)

Looking forward to turning 30. These years keep getting better and better. Thirty can’t be so bad.

Considering new hair for summer. I always say I’m never going blonde again. And then Pinterest is all, “you should go blonde again.”

Having so much fun with Faith lately (can you believe she’s 14?!). Shopping and spray-tanning, talking make-up and cute clothes. Teenagers can be fun!

Excited about a mini-trip with the family to Carolina. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to get away, and even though eight hours in the car with an 11 month old, 2 year old, 10 year old and a teenager isn’t exactly appealing, I’m just going to turn up some vintage Britney and N*Sync and tune those ankle biters out.

Falling asleep. Because it’s 9:48pm, and I’m 80.



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